4 Things To Know Before Buying an Air Compressor

Air compressors can be used for many things in your company setting. Whether it is paint spraying, machine tooling, or emergency lighting, the units are often a regular purchase of business owners and managers. Don’t walk into your next purchase blindly and let a salesman oversell you. Know these four things, and you can save money when you buy an air compressor.

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Know Your Work Environment

The compressor unit can vary in its ability to work in certain environments. If your workplace is exceptionally cold, look for a unit that can withstand freezing temperatures. On the other hand, if the unit will be used six or more hours a day, you probably want a high-performance machine, such as one of the Jun air compressors.

Know Your Required Airflow

No matter what task you assign to the compressor, air flow will determine how well the unit works. Check both the CFM and horsepower before you purchase any unit. A high horsepower does not guarantee enough air flow if the CFM is low.

Know Your Tank Requirements

If you have short, intermittent uses for the air compressor, a small tank should be sufficient. If you have long periods of heavy use, look to a machine with a large tank to prevent overheating or insufficient air flow. Knowing how the machine will be used can help you find a tank big enough for the job.

Know Your Budget

When shopping for a large purchase, it is often easy to get a salesperson that can convince almost anyone to spend a great deal of many on an air compressor. That is why it is important to know what your purchase budget is before beginning your search.

An efficient air compressor can save your company in manpower, down time, and energy costs. Before you purchase your next compressor, make sure you know the four things listed above.