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Protecting Your Network with Endpoint Security

Endpoint Protection is a means to protect all endpoints of a business network server. Most businesses or enterprises have a centralized server where they monitor status and activities of their employees. In this server, they also have important data that employees can freely access as needed. These servers can be accessed via an employees’ mobile device, laptop or work PC.

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Why Use an Endpoint Security Software?

Most enterprises require their employees to install an endpoint security software on all of their devices connected to the network. In case a connected smartphone gets stolen or lost, the thief won’t be able to access your important data. This also serves as a protection against employees who want to use sensitive data against the company. Endpoint security will also check if a device meets security standard as an endpoint device.

Common Features of an Endpoint Security Software

There is a misconception that endpoint security is like an antivirus, but the truth is they work differently. an antivirus protects the device (computer or mobile phone) while an endpoint security software protects the entire network. If you are looking for endpoint protection for your network, you should consider the presence of the following features:

  • Endpoint protection – threat protection for computer-based platforms like MAC and Windows
  • End user protection – this means comprehensive protection for all user’s data across all devices connected to the network
  • Sandboxing – a feature that will sandbox or restrict all unrecognized processes being run within the network
  • Antivirus – this is one big difference between endpoint security and antivirus software, some endpoint security come with an antivirus feature, but no antivirus software comes with endpoint security
  • Malware intrusion alert – a feature that will let you know if someone has uploaded a file with malware into your network

Is It A Necessity to Have an Endpoint Solution?

Endpoint devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, or anything that is used outside of office to access the network are susceptible against network attacks. There are always cyber thieves waiting for their chance to get into your network and steal your data hence having Sophos enduser protection on all of your network devices is important. With the popularity of BYOD or bring your own device and work from home employees, your endpoint security program will ensure that all devices are secure and safe to use and your data will remain safe within your network.