Google Search Gets Quick Access Controls for Privacy, Ads Settings, Activity Controls

Google Search Gets Quick Access Controls for Privacy, Ads Settings, Activity Controls

In the wake of recent privacy concerns, tech giant Googlehas improved upon its Search feature to bring quick access to privacy tools and ad settings. Google has now made reviewing, managing, and deleting Search activity easier by making tools more accessible in Google Search, and has introduced quick access to the most relevant privacy controls as well. Additionally, ad settings are also made available in Google Search, and now the user won’t have to go in their Google account to make all these changes. The company says that these features are rolling out for mobile and Web users right away, and will roll it out to Android and iOS users in the coming weeks.

Google says that it has now introduced controls for managing search data from Search itself. Earlier, users had to go to their Google account to manage their search data, review it, and delete search history. This quick access has also been extended to privacy controls and ad settings, which means users can control the ads you see from Search itself. Furthermore, users can also access their Activity Controls, which essentially lets you decide what information Google saves to your account and uses to make Search and other Google services faster, smarter and more useful.

“Before today, if you were searching on Google and wanted to review or manage this data, the best way for you to do that would have been to visit your Google Account. Now, we’re bringing these controls to you – from directly within Search, you can review or delete your Search activity and quickly get back to finding what you were searching for,”Google explains on its blog.

Google uses your search data to show you relevant ads, personalized search results, and suggestions. All of this data is used by Google, and the company says that it isn’t shared with any other third party. If the user in not comfortable sharing it with Google as well, these now easily accessible controls can be used to turn of sharing activity, search history, and more, easily.

As mentioned, Google Search on desktop and mobile get this quick access tools right away, and Android and iOS users will get it in the coming weeks. Google also says that Maps will get these similar tools next year.