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Mobile App Development Cost: A Comprehensive Study of Pricing and Other Considerations

Mobile apps have transformed the business arena. The technology has become the dire need of each business vertical – with the website and social media being the secondary option to create brand awareness and gain higher ROI. Considering the same, if you are planning to develop a mobile application for your brand, it is likely that you might be occupied with numerous queries and challenges – especially related to mobile app development cost.

The mobile applications come in different sizes, shapes, style, and features. While some apps might be ready within your pocket money, others demand a hefty amount of funds and resources. There’s no constant value for the cost to develop a mobile app. Sounds confusing? Wondering how do mobile app development companies give a quote then? How do business leaders figure out how many funds do they need for entering the mobile market?

The mobile app development cost depends on a ton of factors with each particular has a price tag, including:

  • App Type: A mobile app can be of different types. It can be a standalone calculator app, a social media application or an on-demand app. Based on the type you want to build, the application will demand different features and technical specifications which would further add to the app costing.


  • Platform: You can develop a mobile application that can be accessed on many devices: iOS, Android, the Web or all together. Depending on the platform you opt, the development cost varies. When talking about creating an Android mobile application, it might cost you somewhat higher than an iOS application. Likewise, if you decide to make your application available on all the platforms one by one, it will cost a hefty amount. However, if you choose to make an app with React Native framework, you will be able to hit both the platforms with lesser money in your pocket.


  • Design: Design also plays a considerable role in the mobile application development cost. While a standard design takes only 140 hours, a complex design would require 400-500 hours to deliver a masterpiece.


  • Coding: App complexity, App Screens, App navigational flow, Technology stack, and other such factors influence the time and cost invested in the coding phase. A simple app, as per the top mobile app development firm, needs 600-900 hours whereas a complex application with multiple third-party API integrations takes more than 1600 hours.


  • Testing: The development hours and costs associated with the testing stage also varies based on your app. If the app is complex, it will have multiple screens and data flow paths, which will consume a higher number of testing hours. This implies a great increase in the overall app cost. Besides, the cost of getting a testing tool also add to the value.


  • App Launch: Besides the developing hours invested into the process of app release, the cost to make an app also differs based on the platform you cater. For an Android app, you need to pay a one-time fee of $25 to Play Store, while $99/yr is required to submit your iOS app on App Store.


  • Location: The location also matters in estimating the overall mobile app development cost. If you outsource your app development needs to a mobile app development agency in India or other Asian countries, it would be delivered at the average hourly cost of $18 to $25. While the same application if outsourced to an expert from a developed nation like the USA will be ready at an hourly price of $100 to $150.


  • Team Size: Depending on who is making your mobile app, the mobile app development cost also varies. A freelancer or a small startup team will be ready to charge less for $2,000, whereas a mid-scale company with a team of 200-1000 app developers will ask for $25,000 to $200,000. Likewise, a large-scale mobile app development agency will demand more than $1,50,000.


Besides the aforementioned factors, there are various hidden costs which is a completely other ball game. To know about them and get a perfect estimate of mobile app cost for your app needs, contact the experts.