Snapchat’s New Lens Reacts to Sounds

Snapchat's New Lens Reacts to Sounds

Snapchat has rolled out its first Lens that reacts to sound.

“It’s a cute animal mask overlay for your face, with ears that pulse and glow, and eyes that move based on the sounds it hears. Snapchat says it’s just the first of many,” Engadget reported late Monday, citing the company.

The report says Snapchat is planning to launch more Lenses that will react to sounds over the coming weeks.

Snapchat’s Lenses are filters that come in two options, Face Lenses and World Lenses.

Face Lenses allows the users to turn into something different along with voice changes. On the other hand, World Lenses lets the users recreate and reimagine the surroundings around them and lets them bring characters to life.

Earlier in April, Snapchat announced its Lens Studio software to allow users to create 2D and 3D Augmented Reality (AR)-based selfie lenses and unlock new filters created by other Snapchat users and artists.

In early May, Snapchat began rolling out a new redesign for its iOS users, and now snaps and chats are aligned chronologically and Stories from friends have been moved back to the right-hand side of the camera screen.

Snapchat also added a separate Subscriptions feature to keep Stories from popular creators and publishers in the loop while letting the other Stories be separated. There’s no mention of when the redesign will roll out to Android users.