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What is DevOps?

DevOps, an amalgamation of development and operations came into scene in 2009 and it is an approach that brings the two of the most important aspects of a project, i.e. development and operations together on one board. Through DevOps, you develop a software, do all that it takes to manage the project operations and then deploy it conveniently. Basically, it is a methodology of developing software where you pay equal attention to the different aspects of a project between the two teams; one that takes care of development and the other that cares of everything related to IT operations.

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DevOps online certification will teach you about different aspects concerning this methodology. Before you take a DevOps certification in Boston, check out some of the things that you should know about it.

To explain in the easiest words, it is a tool to collaborate people working on a project. These people may have different roles and responsibilities but the DevOps platform brings every one of these together. One of the most important approaches used here in DevOps is Agile. Apart from these, it is developed in such a way that the concepts of some great programs like system thinking are also inculcated here. What basically has been done in this process was to create one framework that had something from all the other prominent options.

Due to the way DevOps is designed, there are a lot of advantages that you will experience if you bring this into use as a developer. Apart from just keeping the basics about your responsibilities clear, this will also help you in understanding what other members are doing and how you can contribute in improving the overall progress and status of the project.

Apart from being a transparent approach to handle things and create a bridge between two departments, another factor that makes it special is the financial advantages. Since there would be a lot of clarity between teams, the work will be done in a better manner. Also, the time which is otherwise wasted in coordination could also be saved considerably. This would lead to the goals getting accomplished in a faster way and thus saving the overall project cost.

As discussed above, the roles of what needs to be done by which member of the team and how it is going to affect the future of the project will be clear, people would work with set goals in front of them and thus improve their overall productivity. The process of learning and implementing the concepts of DevOps is very easy and therefore, as a developer, you will not have to a lot of brainstorming if you want to become an expert with DevOps and start using it for enhancing your work and role.

Considering all these advantages, you should definitely take up a DevOps course if you plan not just to improve your skills but also to make a shift from a role specific work to something that allows you to have a bigger and better participation in the project.