The iPhone 7 deal that took Black Friday by storm is back (and this time it’s cheaper)

If you’re looking to pick up a new iPhone 7 handset this month, has prepared a little present for you. The UK’s biggest online phone retailer has resurrected the iPhone 7 deal that took Black Friday by storm back in November and not only that, it has also slashed an extra £25 off the upfront cost.

  • The best iPhone 7 deals in February 2017

We’ve had a look around and this is without doubt the best iPhone 7 deal out there at the moment. In fact, no other deal appears to come close.

The next best deal out there appears to be this one , also at and on the EE network, which costs £10 more and gets you just 1GB data instead of 5GB. So yeah, don’t go for that deal.

If you need absolutely loads of data, you could also look at this 24GB deal on Vodafone but that’ll cost an additional £74 over the two years – only really worth it if you’re going to be streaming a lot of media.

iPhone 7 mega deal in full:

iPhone 7 32GB | EE 4G | Unlimited calls and texts | 5GB  data |   £75 £50 upfront | £30.99 per month with free next day delivery
Use the voucher code SAVE25 to save an extra £25 on what was already the UK’s best iPhone 7 deal. That reduces the upfront cost to £50 and leaves you paying £30.99 per month for 5GB data and unlimited calls and texts. That amount of data is more than enough for 99% of people – you’d only need more if you’re planning to stream lots of music and video when not connected to wifi. Total cost over 24 months is £793.76

See the below table for a quick look at the next-best iPhone 7 deals currently available across all UK networks and resellers. Click the View all deals button to use our full price comparison tools!